Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Always starting over....but somehow I always know where to begin." -Jim James

"Always starting over....but somehow I always know where to begin." -Jim James

Ah...Those words elicit so many feelings in me when I hear listen to experience the song Where to Begin by My Morning Jacket. I tend to find myself 'starting over' in many parts of my life for reasons I haven't figured out. Starting over is exciting and scary, yet there is a sense of comfort in knowing where to begin again.

I believe we are all working toward a common goal in this life--to get some sort of understanding of it in our own way. And to maybe have some fun while figuring it out. I have tried (what seems like) innumerable times to find an occupation (the word "career" is a little stifling for me) that makes me feel alive. I'm not there yet and that's okay.

I have tried a taste of the corporate world (mouthwash is still not washing out that sour taste!), recreation--you know, we work so you can play...well it was hard for me to work when everyone is was playing!, and now I'm working in fitness as a Health Fitness Specialist, which is a fancy name that means I train and teach group exercise classes to people.

It has just been recently that I'm realizing I need some sort of creative outlet. Writing workout plans isn't cutting it. Not that I'm not into helping people, I just feel I can help people more if I'm passionate about what I'm doing. Maybe music is my outlet...

The essence of me is my walk with God. And love. And music. The introspection it takes to create such poetry, like Where to Begin, is nothing short of courageous. And finding the sounds to match the feel of the words is much like matching a glove to a know when it fits. You just know.

And I will continue to start over until it fits.

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